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Mahanoy Township Water Authority is a private company which supplies water services to it's customers.  The Authority was established in 1942 and incorporated in Pennsylvania.

March 1, 2012


The Mahanoy Township Authority has received reports from some of its customers that contractors have been identifying themselves as Authority employees to gain access to their homes. General Manager Bob Legutko stated that Water Authority employees have I.D. cards, have the logo on their uniforms, and drive in clearly marked vehicles. If anyone suspects any misrepresentation of Authority Personnel, please call the main office telephone number 570-773-0650 for verification.

Robert J. Legutko

General Manager


Mahanoy Township Authority
46 N Main St.
Mahanoy City, PA. 17948

(570) 773 0650

(570 773 3691 (Fax)

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